Transform Your Siding with Reliable Home Construction Companies

If you live in Bensalem, PA, we can improve your home’s curb appeal and protect it from the elements with our professional siding services. Marcelos Construction LLC is among the trusted home construction companies in the locale! Our skilled professionals are devoted to delivering superior work, so you can rest assured that your home’s exterior will look fantastic.

Evaluation and Advice

First, we conduct an in-depth consultation to learn about your requirements and preferences. Our experts evaluate the condition of your current siding, consider your home’s architectural style, and offer recommendations based on your preferences.

Choice of Raw Materials

Many different types of premium siding are available to meet your needs and budget. During the consultation, we will explain the features and advantages of each material and help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Conception and Modification

To improve the look and performance of your home, our team will collaborate with you to create a unique siding solution. The exterior is designed to be visually pleasing by considering color, texture, and architectural details.

Preparation and Removal

We remove the old siding correctly before putting up the new one. Our employees will safeguard your property and keep the workplace clean by adhering to standard operating procedures.


Our seasoned technicians will expertly install the siding, paying close attention to every detail to ensure accurate measurements and straight lines. We use tried-and-true installation methods and cutting-edge equipment to provide a high-quality result. Our team is skilled and fast, so we will cause you as minor inconvenience as possible.

Finishing Up

When the siding is up, we ensure it looks excellent by paying attention to the details. We will leave your property clean and free of any debris or trash that may have accumulated during the installation process.

Client Satisfaction

To ensure that the siding installation is up to our standards before we call it finished, we give it a thorough once-over. We strive to make you completely happy with the results, so if there are any problems, we’ll fix them right away.

Our siding service has been lauded for its durability and eye-catching appearance, making Marcelos Construction LLC a top choice among local home construction companies. We promise to take good care of your Bensalem, PA home. Contact us at (412) 332-2174 right away!